Live Illustrated Annotations
Zoom and other video conferencing programmes are great tools, but after almost a year of constant use they are starting to stagnate and audiences are not engaging. Having a live illustrator turn all your thoughtful spoken words into fun and quirky cartoons creates a unique experience and makes it easier for your message to be remembered. The process is really simple, the illustrator just joins the call, shares their screen from their Ipad and starts doodling all your worries away.
Online Illustration Workshops
Socials haven’t been the same since March. Everyone, me included, has started to become tired of online quizzes and games no matter how quirky the theme is. A live illustration offers an exciting alternative. The Illustration workshops encourage participants to empty out there stationary draws and get crafty with anything they can find. Fun exercises encourage members to think outside the box and unleash their inner artist no matter what level.
Caricature Socials
Following the social theme why not try some live illustrated caricatures on your conference call. Be it some of your work mates or their pets, live caricatures can help break up the groundhog day social experience we are all suffering from.
Illustrated Zoom Backgrounds
If you want to hide the unmade bed or last night's takeaway an illustrated background could be the perfect tonic. Either animated or a static an illustrated background could unify your team and add a bit of much needed personality and professionalism to your online calls.
If you interested in hiring a live illustrator or have some of your own ideas, drop me an email with the link below!
Thank you!

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