How does live illustration work for events?
Hybrid Event? Online only? Live Only? Have no fear because I can illustrate all no problemo, here's how it works...
Digital Live Event
For digital events where the whole audience is online I simply join your conference call on your software of choice a few minutes beforehand and through a shared screen, live illustrate your message from my IPad as you talk. That's it! After your talk, you will get a finished high quality digital illustration that you can share to your heart's content, and an animation of your illustration coming to life. Alternatively some events prefer the focus to be on the speaker in which case I simply share my screen at the end of the event. There are more alternatives such as flicking in between sharing and even streaming on another platform but I find these work best.
In Person Live Event
For an in person live event illustration it will require a bit more coordination, but once the location the size and set up have been worked out. I will simply turn up ahead of time, set up my canvas and start illustrating when your event starts! By the end you will have a lovely illustration to keep. If you prefer a digital format I can illustrate the whole event from my IPad, sharing on a screen live at the event.
Hybrid Event
The new buzz word, it's seems scary but can be the best of both worlds. For hybrid events I can illustrate the event from my IPad sharing the screen on a tv live at the event and on the call at the same time. Alternatively I could set up a camera stream and do a physical live illustration that can be seen both in person and online! If you worried about numbers at the event, I can also do these options from home.
I hope this helped, but each event is different. The best way to find a great solution for your event is have a chat about. Drop me an email below and we can arrange a call. 
Thank you!

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