UPDATED for 2024!
How much does a Live Illustrator Cost?
It was back in the days of 2020 when I first wrote about the general fees associated with live illustrating and a few world crises later I’m here with an update. As with all things the prices have had to go up with increased costs, but unlike all things I believe the quality across the board has gone up. I’ve also tried ways to keep costs down by having more options and discounts for charities. So I hope these rough Estimates to help you plan your event
Online Event Live Illustration per hour  £300+
(For multiple live illustration events within a day this fee can drop)

In person Live Illustration Event £500 - £4000
((Things like location, time, size really play a big part in this one, going digital can make it cheaper)

New Charity discount rate of 15%

I’m really happy with the service I offer but Charging a fair fee is something I really struggle with, remember whoever you hire to do your live illustration, these events require set up meetings, edits, digitisation and all manner of things. That being said I'm always open for feedback so please do get in touch.
Thank you!

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