What is Live Illustration?
Live Illustrators love coming up with fancy names for what they do but really Live Illustration, Live Scribing, Graphic Notation are all essentially the same thing. They consist of an illustrator digitally on an IPad or physically on a big chunk of paper, summarising what you are saying live. This will normally be with fancy calligraphy and typography or with funny cartoons and doodles. The audience will be able to see the live illustration come together as your talk or meeting progresses, how cool! The end result is a finished illustration like below that can be shared and sent to your attendees as a nice memento of their experience. 
Now that you are completely sold on the concept and are already daydreaming about your perfect live illustration event extravaganza, you might be thinking where can I find a live illustrator? Well as luck should have it, this is what I do! I love live illustrating and would be more than happy to have a chat about how live illustration can help your event.

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