What is Live Illustration?
Live Illustrators love coming up with fancy names for what they do but really Live Illustration, Live Scribing, Graphic Notation are all essentially the same thing. They consist of an illustrator digitally on an ipad or physically on a big chunk of paper, summarising what you are saying live. This will normally be with fancy calligraphy and typography or with funny cartoons and doodles. The audience will be able to see the live illustration come together as your talk or meeting progresses, how cool! The end result is a finished illustration like below that can be shared and sent to your attendees as a nice memento of their experience. 
A Digital Live Illustration example done live on an IPad for Existential Risk Conference
Now that you are completely sold on the concept and are already daydreaming about your perfect live illustration event extravaganza, you might be thinking where can I find a live illustrator? Well as luck should have it, this is what I do! I love live illustrating and would be more than happy to have a chat about how live illustration can help your event.
An example of a physical Live Illustration
How much does live illustration cost?

This is always tricky but often this is the biggest determining factor of whether your event can have a live illustrator or not. There are loads of variables when it comes to the cost of live illustration like the size of the live illustration, the time of the event, the free snacks provided. But here are some ball park figures, I repeat ball park figures. 

Online event live Illustration per Hour: £200+ (If for multiple events this fee can drop)

In person live Illustration event: £350 - £4000 (Things like location, time, size really play a big part in this one.)
How does live illustration work for events?

For both it is a good idea to have a meeting beforehand to see what your goal is for the event and coordinate logistics. 
In Person Live Event
For an in person live event illustration it will require a bit more coordination, but once the location the size and set up have been worked out. I will simply turn up ahead of time, set up my canvas and start illustrating when your event starts! By the end you will have a lovely illustration to keep.
Digital Live Event
What it consists of is simply me joining your call on your software of choice and through a shared screen, live illustrating your message from my IPad as you talk. That's it! After your talk you would get a finished high quality digital illustration that you can share to your heart's content, and an animation of your illustration coming to life. Alternatively some events prefer the focus to be on the speaker in which case I simply share my screen at the end of the event. There are more alternatives but I find these work best.
Is it all live?
Normally I will illustrate the title of your talk beforehand to get us started
but apart from that, yes it is all drawn live! I have been drawing all my
life and love coming up with fun ways to illustrate what you are saying
on the fly.

Need a last minute Live Illustrator?

I got your back. A lot of my clients are often looking for a live illustrator on the day of or day before an event and If I am not already booked, I am there. If distance is the issue I can hop on a conference call and illustrate it from home.

(If it’s outside the UK It would be nice to have more notice!)
Have some more questions? Get in touch!
Email me asking for a free consultation call where we can discuss how a live illustration could make your event even more awesome!
Thank you!
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